Evening meditation

If in the morning visualization we made a pre-meditation of the things that we are going to do during the day, and foresee the troubles that we may encounter, during the evening meditation we will make the reverse, a review of that things that happened to us. Note that we are not to be harsh on ourselves, but to gently and objectively review what happened,  just like an athlete or an artist reviews her training or her work.

Seat down in a quite place in a comfortable position, if possible with your back straight. It may be good for you to lay down on your bed, but in my experience it doesn’t work, since I tend to fall asleep without doing the exercise.

Once you settle down, just contemplate for a little while, leave you body and mind at rest.

First imagine yourself going out of your home, driving, meeting people, working, thinking. Stop at the moments in witch you did things that can be improved. For example, maybe you found yourself over eating (lack of Temperance), were rude to someone who didn’t deserve it (lack of Justice), maybe someone was rude to you, and you didn’t answer properly (lack of Courage). Be gentle to yourself. Say to yourself that tomrrow you will have plenty of new opportunieties to emprove those events. See them like exercices, little steps toward Virtue.